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About CCDD

Council Members

Council members appointed by the governor, establish the priorities of the Council through the creation of a Five Year State Plan. Council members include people with developmental disabilities, family members, local and non-profit organizations, state agency representatives, and representatives of Kentucky Protection and Advocacy and the University of Kentucky Human Development Institute.

Executive Committee
Council ChairpersonDavid
Vice Council ChairpersonLaureen
Council MemberMorgan
Council MemberMark
Council MemberKathy
DD Network PartnerLaura
Council Members
Council MemberAisha
Council MemberCasey
Council MemberDavid
Council MemberErin
Council MemberGrant
Council MemberMark
Council MemberMicah
Council MemberNick
Council MemberNorb
Council MemberPaul
Council MemberRegina
Council MemberSherry
Council State Agency RepresentativeAndrea
Council State Agency RepresentativeBlair
Council State Agency RepresentativeClaudia
Council State Agency RepresentativeRonnie O'HairRonnieL.O'
Council State Agency RepresentativeScott
Council State Agency RepresentativeTammie
DD Network PartnerCamille